Kubota’s formidable KX series offers conventional swing excavators ranging from 0.8 - 8.2 tonne. Through continued model development and growth the KX series excavator is one of the toughest excavators out on the market. Designed to deliver superior performance and luxury comfort never seen before in mini excavators, the KX series has the machine to meet every operator’s needs.


Kubota’s U series excavators offer unmatched 360-degree manoeuvrability. The U series represents the most extensive line-up of Sub 5 tonne zero tail swing excavators in the market. Ranging from 1.7 to 5.5 tonne, the U series has a zero turn excavator to meet all your operating needs. Designed and built from the ground up, the Kubota U series excavators offer best in class breakout performance, superior comfort and all round versatility.


Powered by Kubota diesel engines, Kubota Excavators are engineered from the ground up delivering superior performance and reliability. With class leading bucket breakout performance, Kubota excavators allow you to operate more efficiently than ever before. Designed with industry leading technology, you can rest assure that your Kubota excavator is equipped with the latest and greatest. A Kubota excavator allows you to operate quicker and more efficiently than ever before, no matter the job or conditions.


Kubota Excavators have the versatility to tackle any job whether you’re on a large construction site or hard to reach and confined areas. Every Kubota comes equipped with the TPSS system that allows operators to alternate between ISO and SAE pattern.


With single sided servicing across the entire Kubota excavator range, you can be sure that all your daily maintenance checks can be performed quickly and efficiently. Consolidated greasing banks and components ensure that maintenance is a breeze. With front pins being bushed on all Kubota excavators, pin wearing is minimised while increasing durability and longevity, as well as cutting down on maintenance and downtime.


Kubota is proud to introduce its 2 new angle blade models to the Kubota excavator line-up, the KX040-4 and U55-4. The angle blade provides operators with greater flexibility to perform a variety of tasks while increasing operator efficiency. With the blade angled at an optimal 25°, it is ideal for applications such as backfilling trenches, eliminating the need of continually repositioning the machine. Equipped with bolt on blades, the angle blade ensures maximum performance and work life.


U series excavators are great for those operator who need to operate in those tight spaces offering greater mobility where spaces is limited. With the body of the excavator able to turn within its tracks the risk of damaging property when working close to buildings or such is greatly reduced.

KX series excavators are great if you’re not confined to tight space work but value increased digging capacities. KX series excavator have a larger counterweight at the rear of the machine enabling a greater lift capacity along with greater arm and bucket breakout force.