With outstanding power and exceptional comfort Kubota’s range of compact track loaders take high performance and productivity to new levels. Boasting best in class bucket breakout force, lift capacity, outstanding stability, and spacious operating area the SVL75 and SVL90-2 are the machines to beat.


Maintaining the SVL75 and SVL90-2 has never been easier. The wide opening tilt-up operator area allows easy access to the hydraulic pumps, valves, lines and hydraulic tank. There is no need to lift the loader arm making maintenance safer and faster. To access daily inspection components simply open the rear bonnet where the radiator can be tilted for easy cleaning. With a welded and integrated mainframe, the undercarriage forms part of the machine for maximum durability. Kubota’s CTL range is designed to operate in the toughest of conditions with the power and performance to handle any job.


Kubota’s SVL Series comes equipped with a unique vertical lift that’s designed to deliver an exceptionally long reach for maximum lifting and dumping performance. With high bucket hinge points, the SVL75 and SVL90-2 are ideally shaped for easy dumping into trucks. Designed with a self-levelling function, it automatically keeps the bucket level as you lift. This keeps the attachment in a horizontal position without the need to manually adjust the angle during lift, enabling the operator to concentrate on other aspects of the job.


Engineered with a fully integrated welded undercarriage and angled track cover plates to prevent soil build up, Kubota’s SVL range can handle any job. The rubber tracks offer outstanding durability and outstanding performance. Built by Bridgestone, Kubota’s original lug pattern reduces soil accumulation and improves traction force. Designed with steel idlers and track rollers to help support and guide tracks more effectively while also helping to shed debris. Triple flange bottom rollers not only minimise the risk of de-tracking but improve stability. To operate in Australia’s demanding conditions the Kubota’s SVL range is built tough.


Equipped with world renowned Kubota diesel engines, the SVL75 and SVL90-2 offer excellent fuel economy, particularly during low revolution work. While the engine stall guard ensures mobility and productivity. Standard equipped two-speed travel and high ground clearance ensures excellent travel performance in difficult terrains. With powerful bucket breakout force, strong arm breakout force and exceptional lifting capacity the SVL series has a machine for you.